Fuck Gas

Captain’s log: 1 July, 2014.


First and foremost we, read I, must congratulate the one and only, Theodore King on his return to Le Tour de France.


Never mind that’s a picture of Quebec… Where was I?

It is no secret that much like your self, I was heartbroken to see our hero in green get caught up in a first stage spill during last years race that would quickly see him retired due to some otherwise bullshit UCI choices. Thankfully, the amazing human body and millions of years of evolution have left us with useful regenerative healing processes and much like you and I, Ted has been able to recover from injury. Although, much unlike you or I, Ted is fast as all fuck on a bicycle and is scheduled to lead out one of the wildest of wild men in the pro peloton, Peter Segan. Please join with me in wishing these two wild stallions the best of the good luck in not only Saturday’s opening stage of le Tour, but the 20 stages that will follow that. For, what is good for them, is good for us, and by us I mean them, because as you should damn well know, what they do, really has nothing to do with you or I.

Second on my agenda is really kind of number one right now as the rest of the world is currently enthralled, much like myself, with World Cup futbol! Today at 4pm Eastern Standard Time, that’s EST for short, the United States Men’s National Team with take the field against an equal number of Belgians.

Yeah, the Belgians are good at that too. It’s not gonna be easy for the US, but they’re playing well and you’ll have to excuse me because this is the only time I get excited and patriotic about anything. Fitting enough, it’s about this stupid country’s partaking in an otherwise unamerican style game, which is perfect. Also, I never say “we” when referring to sport, as much like the above scenario with our beloved King and Segan, I have nothing to do with their results. Still, I think they can do it, and am likely not getting much work done between 4 and 6… sorry boss.

On that note, go KNVB!

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I have no idea what you just yelled…

I was out running this morning and as I rounded my final corner to begin my cool down I had the pleasure of experiencing a driver of an automobile yell something at me as he passed. I’m not sure if it was “Fuck head!” or “Hey Jim!” or “ROFL ROFL!”. Although that said, I sincerely hope it was “ROFL ROFL!”. Either way, the guy just stared me down as he drove by and rounded the next corner. Being that I’m bad at recognizing people out in the wild and he was gaining ground on my likely failing vision, I’m not sure if he was mean mugging, waiting for a friendly wave or if I was to stop, drop, roll and laugh.

This brings me to my point behind this post, and I’m guilty of it, stop yelling shit at people running, walking or riding their bikes unless you can specifically make eye contact, call them by name and make sure we recognize one another. The reason I say this is simply even if you’re giving a friendly how ya doin, you’re running the chance of that other person not recognizing you and pissing them off, perhaps even going so far as to ruin their run, ride or stumble home from the bar. The best thing about the latter of those scenarios is that if their stumbles home are anything like mine, there’s a good chance they wont remember it any way.

Enjoy your Thursday kiddos, I’m going into work early to build BMX bikes…

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Goodnight Ezra

The bicycle world lost a great one over the weekend; Ezra Caldwell was taken by his awful battle with cancer Saturday night. I never had the opportunity to spend time with Ezra in person, but only through short, respectful email correspondence. If you’re so inclined, take a moment to learn a little about Ezra, his bicycles and his story.




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