Fuck Gas

The Cannibal will eat fans and competitors alike

I wish I could find the video of the first B-Bar Brawl polo tournament as the final started and it literally rained beer cans onto the court. I bring this up because our god like hero of cyclocross, Sven Nys, had a beer cup hit him earlier today in Loenhout and proceeded to jump of his bike, cross the tape and give the fan a bit of a talking too. Sure Sven was having a pretty shitty day having already wrecked twice with one of those mishaps even sending him over a fence, and this poor bastard was just out to have a good time but as it is, this shit’s for real. I feel the same when those dumb fucks are running up alongside racers in the mountain road stages. Get the fuck out of the way and let these people race. It’s fucking absurd.

Watch the video here.

That said, if you’re at your local cross, crit, MTB or whatever series and you’re a couple few deep into your high gravity collection and you notice that same sandbagging douche bag that’s been racing Cat3 for five years, losing just as many races as he needs to to stay down, then by all means, throw your fucking beer at him. Better yet, waste one for the team and get him with a full one. After all, nobody here is going pro and none of this retards are going to be making a living off of riding their bikes now that they’re 45 years old. They’re assholes so let them know it. It’s the same with bike polo, anybody that’s going to get pissed at me for throwing a beer onto the court is only going to ensure that I throw two.

Let the pros have their races free from obstruction. It’s hard enough on these goons as it is. Heckling is great, give them some shit, just stay the fuck out of the way.

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