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Hey ladies!

Plenty of news regarding our sisters on wheels over the weekend.

Foremost, congratulations to DC Judi for making it through the Mohican Trail 100k MTB extravaganza.

While we all know I’m not so much a fan of the racing, I do love that others love racing their bicycles for this is always pure entertainment for myself in the whitnessing category. Of course there wasn’t any actual whitnessing of Judi and her endeavors this past Saturday on my own behalf, but I’d like to congratulate her none the less. Hopefully she doesn’t mind that I downloaded this pic from the facespace as what’s done is done.

Additionally everyone’s favorite QBP rep, Bike Shop Girl, has a great post regarding shop bullshit. I’d suggest it to anyone in the industry as there are a lot of great points that we could all use as a reminder from time to time. I know I’m guilty of a lot of shit on there. If you’re not too interested in shop pointers you may enjoy her take on Liz Hatch and why the bike industry needs more women like her.

While we’re on the subject of Liz, I’d like to wish my favorite beer swilling, Maxim posing, used to be racing ex-racer a happy 32nd birthday. You remember Liz, right?

Enjoy your Monday kids.

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2 comments on “Hey ladies!

  1. Fuck yea I remember liz hatch.

    Nice work to Judi on the Mohican this past weekend. I was there at the aid stations to see he rolling on in, and taking out the slack on the way out!


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